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Chocolate King

About us

At Chocolate King we have been producing exclusive chocolate products and decorations for over xx years. We work according to traditonal methods with a small and enthusiastic team. From our small chocolate factory in Heiloo we are able to respond to market demands adequate and quick. Efficient, professional and always customer focused. This is what makes us a unique player in the competitive chocolate market. We currently sell our products throughout Europe and the US. Among our customers are wholesalers, bakeries and food service companies. The chocolate we make is pure, honest and without additives. Exactly as are we!


In our chocolate factory we also give chocolate making workshops. During these workshops you can produce your own chocolate bar or bonbons under the supervision of an experienced chocolatier. Suitable for groups and children’s parties from 8 persons. For more information, please visit www.choc-lab.nl/chocolate-experience/


We believe in a sustainable future. Within the production process we look for the most sustainable solutions and products. We also treat our staff in a socially responsible way. Working at Chocolate King means working in a dynamic team, with short lines and many challenges. We pay a lot of attention to labour relations, fun and development.  Through training and courses, the small group of employees is continuously kept up to date with developments in the market. By keeping this knowledge and production capabilities up-to-date, we are able to deliver the quality that our customers expect from us. In this way, we remain close to ourselves and face the future with confidence. 

Our products

Chocolate King specializes in the development, production and wholesale of exclusive chocolate products. Our pride lies mainly in our wide range of decorations. But nowadays we also have a complete line of chocolate bars. Quality is the driving force in all our activities. We only use Belgian Premium Chocolate. Our range varies from 1.0 grams of decorations to 180 grams of chocolate bars. The decorations are used by professionals for the decoration of cakes, desserts, pastries and ice cream. These special products are made of high quality Belgian couverture.

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